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VCS C to VCS C Neighbor Zone


I have a customer with two different entities. Normally they cannot touch. They each have VCS Controls and endpoints are registered to CUCM on one side, and the other side has them registered to VCS C.

The endpoints on the side that are registered to VCS C are both h.323 and SIP.

We have a neighbor zone between the two that is h.323 and this allows calls between them. When they dial into an MCU two screen systems get content on one screen and people on the other (expected behavior) but when they dial the same rooms point to point (going through the neighbor zone) they get content and people in one screen.

Any idea what configuration change I need to look at to get the expected behavior?

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Nick Halbert-Lillyman

It sounds like the EX90s are not negitiating a content stream.

A few things:

You mention that the Neighbour zone is H323.  Are the calls themselves SIP or H323?  Have you tried both? Interworking between SIP and H323, or eliminating interworking, can often affect things like content.  You have multiple call legs, so it could be SIP - H323 - SIP, or H323 - H323 - SIP, or H323 the whole way for example.  Try different combinations.

I'd also suggest trying to allow SIP on the neighbor zone - everything is moving to SIP these days, H323 is considered legacy from Cisco's perspective.

What are the software versions of VCS and endpoints?

Acevirgil de Ocampo
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