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VCS expressway deployed in a 3 port firewall configuration

Tarik Admani
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VIP Alumni


I am deploying a setup per the following design referenced in this document:

Currently the customer doesnt want to purchase the license to enable a two arm deployment so we need to make this work. I have looked through the reference guides and dedicated a NAT translation on my firewall for the VCS-c and dedicated a nat entry for the VCS-e. This is deployed on a Cisco ASA 8.6 and the issue really seems to be related to the concept of nat reflection.

Currently the VCS-s is on the inside interface, the VCS-e is in the dmz, and the devices that are attached to the outside interface can register to the VCS-e, however the VCS-s is unable to connect to the VCS-e to the dedicated public ip address that is natted to it.

I have read all the guides on how to turn up nat reflection (ie. same-security-traffic permit intra-interface), I have also turned off inspect for sip, h323, and I still can not get the two way communication leaving the firewall. I have captures configured on the inside, outside, and the dmz, and the VCS-c is sending the traversal requests (tcp 7001 along with discovery packets on udp 6001), however I do not see this traffic leaving any of the firewall interfaces.

I know this issue is related to the firewall configuration but I wanted to post here to see if anyone has ran into this issue and if they have figured this out.


Tarik Admani
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Level 4

have you established traversal zones between VCSC and VCSE? what is the status there? what ports did you use there and are those ports open between VCSC and VCSE firewall?

a simple diagram of your setup helps to get more replies.

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