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VCS - Lync Integration using SIP trunk


Can anyone confirm that the Lync-VCS integration using Trusted Application and a Static route does not support Polycom VSX/HDX devices?

Calls from Polycom (registered to the VCS) to Lync work, but calls from Lync to Polycom have one-way media (Lync to Polycom only).

The same integration is tested with Tandberg/Cisco endpoints and Codian MCUs, and all works fine.

The Cisco VCS and Microsoft Lync 2010 Deployment Guide (X7.2) guide does not mention any interoperability issues or rule out any endpoints that are capable of H.323 registering with the VCS.

Any thoughts?


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I have exactly the same problem in a mixed Cisco-Tandberg + Codian + Polycom VSX/HDX enviromnent. I have not investigated deeply why this is a problem, but I suspect it may be because Polycom endpoints have a strange tendency to strip domains during h323 call setup?

I quicly found a work-around when we recently got our Lync 2010<>VCS test integration up, and have not yet  bother to report a TAC case (would that be with Polycom or Cisco?....)

Work-around tip: Try to register a Polycom HDX with VCS using SIP. This works OK for me. Remember to change to the new sip uri in the findme user account settings, if applicable. The HDX's and some VSX's can do dual h323/sip stack, I guess for some V or VSX's you have to do eighter h323 or sip.

I hope this helps, but also that a better solution exist.


what type of polycom is it? what error message do you get? have you collected packet capture?

if it works with Cisco product and Lync, there could be a bug with Polycom software.

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