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adhoc conference layout change Cisco Meeting Server

Hi Guys,


Is there any way to change the default layout for the call manager adhoc conference using Cisco meeting server?


CMS 2.8

Jabber 12.8

CUCM 12.0


I tried readin api guide and other related document, unfortunatly i couldnt find any thing for adhoc conferences. i cannot use active control feature since my call manager is 12.0




Patrick Pettit
Cisco Employee

Hi. I'm wondering if you set up a calllegprofile on the server and choose the default layout as the one you wish and then assign that calllegprofile at the system level, does it give you what you need?  If you changed the encryption level on the server already, then one should already be assigned at the global level.  Check this at api/v1/system/profiles .  This sets it at the global level. I reckon if you have spaces that need something different, simply create another and assign that to the space. May be worth a shot? Let us know.  




Thanks Patrick,


i get the default profile ID -

          GET (api/v1/system/profiles)

             <?xml version="1.0"?>

PUT method to modify the values(api/v1/callLegProfiles/7f73261a-3598-4580-85fd-cc6f25742567)


Response 200 OK


i am not sure whether it is assigned to global level or not.

when i tried to retrieve the details, i am not able to see the recently ammended paramters on this.


Get (api/v1/callLegProfiles/7f73261a-3598-4580-85fd-cc6f25742567)

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<callLegProfile id="7f73261a-3598-4580-85fd-cc6f25742567">
Even though i received the 200 ok, it is not updating. I am not sure where i went wrong.
please note that, i am trying to change the default value at global level, since i do not have a cospace for adhoc conferences.
i am failrly new to api and postman usage. :)




HI Shalid.  When you do the PUT, make sure in postman, you click on body and use x-www-form-urlencoded?

Can you try it this way?  Or is that the way you completed it?




One other thing to note to which may be easier.  In 2.9, there is an API under Configuration Tab and you can go to /calllegprofiles and change things there.  Much easier to use.  If your not running 2.9, take a look at the release notes to make sure you upgrade properly.  


Screen shot of it below on the webadmin.  You would make your changes and hit modify at the bottom.  


api webadmin.png

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