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compatibility issue with polycom and cisco

Hello Team,

at one of my customer they having polycom vsx 5000/7000 & HDX 7000 and Cisco C60/profile42 C40 codec.

when vsx to hdx call initiate its working fine with audio and video but if call initiate from C60 or profile 42 to vsx call connects but video not get on vsx site.

Please suggest what would be solution we are going for VCS-C and MRA setup also.

if VSX endpoints register with VCS-C than how it will work or its a compatibility issue please suggest.





Acevirgil de Ocampo
Rising star

Hi Laxminarayan,


How are the endpoints deployed on the network?

Is it on same network or there is a firewall between these endpoints?

Current versions of your Polycom and Cisco endpoints?

Is there a call control involved in the call (VCS)? 

What protocol being used during the call (SIP or H323)?





Hi Acevirgil,

Three VSX 5000 endpoints are using standalone using with public static IP address it is not registered with VCS-C.

I have doubt that if VSX 5000 dial to cisco endpoints which are Full HD call is get initiate to between this two endpoint it will work.

I have tried calling with SX20 12X which is again a standalone system and VSX also standalone system when i dial a call from VSX to SX20 on SX20 display i am able to see VSX view but on SX20 display i am not able to see VSX view i think this will not work bcz. VSX is standard definition system and SX20 is Full HD.


Please suggest...

Hi Laxminarayan,


Could you confirm what's the firmware version of your SX20 and VSX? It could be compatibility issues on the firmware versions. 

Check this forum:





Once i will take update from customer about software version than get back to you




In addition to checking that you're running the updated software releases on both your Polycom devices (as per the previous link to one of my other forums posts) and your Cisco endpoints are also up to date (TC7.3.3 is the latest release for the SX20), if the endpoints you're dialing are not on the same network, the one way video or one way audio is usually a firewall problem.  Check that your firewalls have all the right ports opened for the H.323 or SIP traffic depending on what you're using, and your NAT settings are configured on your endpoints if required.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Kindly enable Basic Mode on Polycom VSX & Allow Lync Compatibility on Cisco SX20

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