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Thivakaran V

How to avoid numeric ID repeating in the MCU based call when the Scheduling via TMS

Hi folks,

We are using TMS 13.2 for Scheduling with few MCU. When we schedule a MCU based Call a Numeric ID(1000) is generated, once that call is completed the Same id 1000 is reused for different call.

The requirement is to avoid this repetition and to use unique id for each call scheduled.

Is this achievable, if yes how?



From my understanding, TMS will not resuse any ID as it cycles through all the IDs starting with the lowest everytime a conference is created and finds the next avaliable one at that time based on the date/time the conference needs to take place.

As you mention "few" MCU, I presume you have more than 1 MCU?  If so, I'd go into TMS for each MCU and check/change the following extended settings options as necessary to prevent duplicate ID accross the MCUs.

First Meeting ID

The first number in a sequence sent to conference participants from Cisco TMS. The number is used as the base for  the numeric ID needed when dialling into the MCU hosting the conference.

The numeric ID is included in the booking confirmation email message.

Meeting ID Step

Cisco TMS will add this number to the  First meeting ID to avoid duplicated numeric IDs.  As conferences finish, their IDs will be made available to new conferences.

I would probably make the first meeting id be an entirly different number value, example 1000 to 2000 etc.  This could also help you in conference scheduling, so that you can easily identify which MCU the conference will reside on, ie: MCU 1 or 2 etc.

However, the general idea of making sure uniqe IDs are being used, I'm not sure if this is possible, not to my knowledge.

Thanks anyway, we have this implemented already since we are using multiple MCU's. But what is the issue we are facing is, today we have scheduled one call and got numeric Id of 1000, and the same id will be active in some point of time, this becomes security concern as there are chances to eavesdrop. Hence, looking for this option, to avoid such incidents.

Have you thought about implementing PINs onto your conferences to secure them?

Yes, but we were facing issue on the DTMF incase of auto connect as we are dealing with 400 rooms across of multiple vendors. and combination is like managed and unmanaged endpoints. this will create dependency on physical presence to key in the PIN for Calls which we dont have..


I agree with Thivakaran V.

I had suggested to have a randomized or increasing allocation of the

conference IDs when it was still Tandberg, ...

Could pictures some might have interest in one-time ids as well, ... why not,

so there are many options / thoughs

Maybe its time for a new feature request.

Thivakaran V, what do you think about talking to your Cisco Partner or

directly to Cisco and file one. I would go +1 on it.

Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

Yep, If this feature is not avaliable, we might have to contact partner.

Did anything ever happen with this? Was it submitted as a feature request? It would be very beneficial to many of us. We would like to see a randon number within our defined range OR an incremental increase until the entire range is exhaused before starting back at the first number.



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