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Hi,We have a CLI-based app that leverages YANG models and I am supposed to test that, but i am clueless on where to start, I wonder if YDK can be used for that purpose.This App is probably parsing YANG models under the hood and exposing variables in ...

haksson81 by Beginner
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The YDK-Py Vagrant sandbox now runs the latest version 0.5.4.  If you want to use it and are a newcomer, clone the ydk-py-samples repository: $ git clone That repository provides over 500 samples apps...

saalvare by Cisco Employee
  • 1 replies
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Hi ExpertsI found two errors when try to delete config:1. When I tried to delete a neighbor in router BGP, an error occured:File "/Users/Muyiwhy/Documents/workspace/ydk_bgp/backend/", line 56, in delete    crud.delete(provider, object)  File "...

haoywang by Cisco Employee
  • 4 replies
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Hi,as my first try with YDK, I'm trying to read configuration of the static routes (something I have been doing with ncclient). The code is simple:log = logging.getLogger('ydk')log.setLevel(logging.DEBUG)ch = logging.StreamHandler()log.addHandler(ch)...

dvulovic by Cisco Employee
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Root cause Analysis:I was facing issues when I tried to compile YDK with augmented ietf_interface values. The issue is with the YDK parsing file. There were 2 issues,         1. The YDK parser file take the base file and our augment...

Hi,I have tried today to install YDK on Windows and it couldn't do it because of lxml. YDK (including just released 0.54) depends on exact lxml version 3.4.4 from 2015. As I have newer version by default, I had to use virtualenv but pip could not bui...

dvulovic by Cisco Employee
  • 8 replies
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Here's a how YDK-Py is listed in the Python Package Warehouse: is a next generation Python Package Repository designed to replace the legacy code base that currently powers PyPI.  Fresh look, same install instru...

saalvare by Cisco Employee
  • 0 replies
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Hi teams - I'm trying to customize the autonetkit config generation and I can't seem to find documentation on the module.  For instance I want to generate a routing command (put a neighbor in a bgp peer-group) based on the ip of the interface that au...

Hi there,I purchased a student version of the VIRL and I want to install it on a  Laptop that has 5i CPU with 8GB RAM. I did a run install initially but I notice that I am not getting an IP address or the network card is not being recognized. Now the...

I know for NSO I need to use yang to build the service templates, so maybe YDK could speed up that process? I have a bunch of Cisco devices that are running regular IOS (3850s, ASR1ks, Cat 4510s, on IOS 15.2), not XE/XR, so NSO is the only way I can ...

Jason Belk by Cisco Employee
  • 2 replies
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I'm working with csr1000v 16.4.1. I have this code:from ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.ned import Nativefrom import CRUDService, NetconfService, Datastorefrom ydk.providers import NetconfServiceProviderbgp = Native().router.Bgp() = 100new...

fredrikjj by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Both ydk-gen and ydk-cpp have been updated at github.Here is a list of features that have gone into the release:Changed dependent libraries (#382)Use header-only spdlog library for loggingUse header-only catch library for testingCompletely remove boo...

abhirame by Cisco Employee
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