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3 x 3 Promotion


I'm trying to get a better understanding of the 3 x 3 Upgrade Offer.  Does it allow a customer with Call Manager 4.x to upgrade to Business Edition 7 or 8 for $6 per user?  Is there anytihg like an ordering guide that provides the actual SKUs you use to place an order using the 3 x 3 promotion?

Brian Talbott

ADP Dealer Services

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I have that, but it's clear.  I think that section says you can do it but it looks like it is specifically for UCL and UWL.  I want to move them to CUCMBE with CUWL.  If I'm missing something please let me know, but I've not been able to figure out how to put together a bill of materials going from CUCM 3.3 to BE 5000 with CUWL.

I don't know of anyway other than CMBE-WRKSP-BDL and rebuying the bundle. If you were going to regular UCM on UCS then one could have used CUWL-LIC and chosen the SKU to conver to regular CUWL as oppsoed to BE CUWL. The regular CUWL does have SKU depending on whether you have UCM and Unity today or just UCM to convert to CUWL



my customer has purchased CUCM (7.1.5) last year and would like to upgrade to the version 8.6. Is it possible to use 3×3 promotion or is it only for the earlier releases (4.X etc)?



  They could just reinstate UCSS on their current 7.1.5 release to get to 8.X which might be the easiest way

Or look at 3x3

Customers already on 7.0(0) or 7.1(1-4) with valid service contracts are already entitled to download 7.1(5) from

When the customer later upgrades to 8.0, follow the steps above to upgrade to 8.0(1) with User Connect Licensing

via UCSS, UCL Software Migration SKU with UCSS, or UCL Software Upgrade SKU without UCSS.


Hello Srinivasan,

I have a customer with cucm 7.1.5 and DLUs (purchased codes: UNIFIED-CM-7.1 and LIC-CM7.1-7835= and DLUs) with no valid UCSS contract. He want to upgrade to 8.6.

I want to follow the easiest way you suggested (just reinstate UCSS on their current 7.1.5 release to get to 8.X).

In the config tool I started with UCSS-UCM top level SKU but then it gives me only UCL options (UCSS-UCM-3-1-A, UCSS-UCM-BAS-3-1-A, UCSS-UCM-ESS-3-1-A) but not the old DLU options (UCSS-UCM-3-10, UCSS-UCM-3-100,..)

Is it correct to go on quoting UCSS with UCL Option?

Do I need to quote ESW also? 

Code CON-ESW-LICM718 is the correct one?

Thanks a lot,


UCL options are the only options for UCSS going forward. Since you have 7.1.5 you would follow that anyway since 7.1.5 is only UCL or CUWL not DLU.

If your ESW is current, then you only need to layer UCSS on top of it


Can you please tell me what this is in response to?



The post on 7.1.5 moving to 8, it was addressed to me and I was asked to comment



I have been trying to quote MIG-CUCM-USR-A for upgrading 850 users from 6.1.5 to 8.5.  When I order the MIG-CUCM-USR-A and the UCSS-UCM-3-1-A, the Dynamic Configuration Tool automatically supplies 1700 of the CUCM-USR (that's 2 for every user).  Is this the correct number of CUCM-USR?  How does this relate to the actual number of DLUs the customer already has purchased?

You get 2 for single number reach. The existing DLU will just migrate from the previous servers.



I've been looking to do similar but I want to figure out how to go from 4.x to CUCM 8.5.  It's slightly different but I don't think the doc you listed covers that.  Maybe it's the wrong doc and I need to find similar for CUCM and not BE.


Anyone seeing the new "9 an 3" pricing reflected yet today?  It is April 5th today and I have BOM's to get out using the new "9 an 3" pricing and descriptions in them and so far both Cisco DCT and Netformx are not reflecting the new $9 pricing.  Both still show the "3 and 3" description and $3 pricing.

Impatiently twiddling my thumbs here waiting for the new promo pricing to be reflected here. 

Same here, Matthew. I'm sitting on 3x3 configs that need to be converted to 9x3 ....  maybe this promotion change actually occurs at midnight tonight.

Same here, ICT, DCT, CCW... none show the '9 and 3', yet the Cisco AM's are pushing this to the customer...  Thanks again, Cisco...

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