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Automate SSH to CUCM for SQL query

Chidananda S
Level 1
Level 1

Hi all,

i have been trying different methods mentioned in the blogs and Cisco documnets to connect CUCM using SSH and then run commands. Though i am able to connect to CUCM 11.5 using Putty i want to build script so i can run few scripts to get the information from CUCM. I have tried Netmiko and Paramiko in Python and tried SSH using powershell too but no luck. Someone please help me with these. I am quite new to automation too.

Thanks in advance to one and all


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Can you please share what specific issue(s) that you encounter, is it that you don't know how to manage the logon with username and pw or is it something altogether different?

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Thanks a lot Roger for quick reply. however i found option, i used below command which ensured that i can see what is happening post it is trying to connect.

output = remote_conn.recv(1000)