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Can you go over on Licensing for TP units in ELM


The powers that be purchased 13 new SX20s to connect to our CUCM 9.1 but we do not have any licenses.  Can we install these and bring the licenses to compliance after the fact? 

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Rob Huffman
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Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Donna,


Yes, you would have 60 days to bring the licensing into compliance;


License Compliance

When first installed, the Unified Communications Manager is fully operational in demonstration mode for a grace period of 60 days, until it has successfully synchronized with the Enterprise License Manager and licenses are installed on Enterprise License Manager. Once the Enterprise License Manager has been registered, licenses have been installed, and synchronization with the Unified Communications Manager has taken place, the Enterprise License Manager communicates with the Unified Communications Manager product instance on a daily basis. The Unified Communications Manager reports the total license requirements by license type to the Enterprise License Manager. The Enterprise License Manager totals the license requirements for all connected Unified Communications Manager product instances and compares the total license requirements to the total available installed licenses (the license requirements and installed license types are totaled for all product instances of the same product type.) The Enterprise License Manager then reports the status back to the product instance as:

  •  In compliance, or;
  • Non-compliance

Non-compliance occurs in the following situations:

  • There are an insufficient number of licenses, or;
  • There has not been a successful synchronization with the Enterprise License Manager

Licenses in the non-compliant state for Unified Communications Manager are enforced after a 60-day grace period. At the conclusion of the grace period,Unified Communications Manager enforces non-compliance with the following service degradation:

  •  Devices and Users cannot be provisioned. Changing the configuration of a user that affects licensing (For example: the Enable IM and Presence and the Enable Mobility check boxes) is not allowed.
  •  Devices and Users cannot be de-provisioned. Any configuration changes that involve licensing (For example: disabling IM and Presence or Mobility) is allowed.






OK Thanks

[+5] to Rob.


TP licenses cannot be borrowed from others.




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