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Cisco Agent Desktop - Displaying Queue Stats

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Level 1

We have been told by a Cisco trainer that adding number of calls in queue to CAD should be possible.  However, he said it is necessary to first retrieve the data from the database.

Our wallboard outputs combined statistical data to a straight text file, as well as to an HTML formatted file.  Based on what I've read in the CDA admin guide, we could probably display the HTML in CADs internal browser.  However, we would like to know if we can go a more direct route, placing the data somewhere within the CAD itself (see green arrows).

We utilize multiple queues for our team, but would want to display the combined calls in queue.

We are using CAD 8.5, Enhanced.

Cisco Agent Image for Adding Calls In Queue.jpg

How would we go about this?

Thank you.

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Jonathan Schulenberg
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

If all you're looking for is the sum total of calls in queue, just use the Agent Real Time Displays button and choose Contact Service Queue Statistics Display. It will show the sum of calls across all CSQs the agent is skilled in and is updated at the same frequency CSD is.

Failing that, you could write to Enterprise Data (left column in your screenshot); however, this would be a static point in time when the Get Reporting Statistics step is executed within the script (i.e. before the agent takes the call). I would recommend against this because agents will be looking at this at the end of a call to decide whether it's appropriate to go on break or not. In fact, the data wouldn't have been updated since before the agent answered the call.

The embedded browser is probably your best bet. Point it at the same HTML URL your wallboard product is showing.

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