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Cisco Unified Attendant Consoles for Be6000

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I would like to know if there is limitation in teh directory sync from Cucm, ex, do the user need to have a directory number to be synced.

I have a setup and right now I have about 100 users but only 2 users have a directory number and these are the only 2 users I can see in attendant console, but in Cucm users I can see all the suers.

Regards Bjørn                  

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Jason Newman
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


This is common among all of the attendant consoles produced by Arc.  The main purpose of the client is to distrubute calls to end users in the directory.  So without having a number there is little purpose to having them in the directory at all.  So yes you will need to populate a number for each of the users for it to properly display in the client.



Hi Jason

I do not altogther agree with you, there could be users who is only available in mail, and users who only have an mobile-phone, these kind of users should the attendant also have the opportunity for service.

Is it the associating of a directory number in Cucm or is it if there is a directorynumber imported from an external Ldap in Cucm, which makes the limitation.

regards Bjørn


It depends on the CUAC Edtion and the source you are using.

If you are using Departmenr, Business or Enterprise Edition then the sync is done with the CUCM and therefore the telephone number field against End Users must be populated in order for the contact to be seen in the CUAC directory.

This is the same for Premium Edition if syncing with CUCM but you can also sync directly with AD, in this case the telephone number field or IP Phone field (or whatever field you are using to pull through the contact number) must be populated.

I agree with your point about there being a use case for people in the directory without a telephone number, I will raise this with the product team and request an enhancement.


Hi Jason

Thanks for your response, but I am still unsecure, because the Cucm sync will sync from Ldap the local extension number which will be populated to telephone number, but Cucm also sync the mobile number and home phone number.

So my questions is if a user only have mobile number syned to Cucm will that user be populated in Cuac, because it really don't make sense if it don't. Or do that user have to have both a telephone number and a mobile number before both number will be populated in Cuac.

Rgards Bjørn

The user must have a telephone number in CUCM to sync to CUAC.