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Cisco Unity Connection error with Office 365

Fred Rawlings

I'm in the process of trying to integrate our CUC with Office365, when I setup my user account and tried testing, I received a 503 error, I've included a screenshot. Wondering has anyone encountered this as well, and also suggestions on how I can resolve this issue. We're running CUC 8.6.2ES44.22900-44

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Terry Cheema
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi Fred,

This appears to be a known issue due to MS returning an ipv6 address. You may need to apply a patch (patched upgrade) to your unity connection to resolve this issue. See user jafetters's comment

"I upgraded to 8.6.2ES84.24091-84 and it resolved the issue.  We have been using Single Inbox with O365 with no issues since"


Hope that helps.


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Thanks Terry...I'll try the patch upgrade like jafetter suggested, hopefully that will work, because I know we're not upgrading to CUC 9 anytime soon.. :) 

Support for Office 365 Wave 15 comes with CUC 8.6(2) ES 73. The version you are on does not support Office 365.

Apart from this, as Terry mentioned, there is another issue with IPv6. I don't have information about the exact fixed version but it should be supported in the later ESs. You can go to the latest SU available on CCO.

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