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CLI log out timer on CUCM

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Is there a way I can set a timer so that CLI does not log out? I'm running CUCM 6.1

Reason being is that everyime CLI logs out, I lose network connectivity. But as soon as I log back in, I am able to console into CUCM.

Would setting the CLI to not log out be the only way of fixing this issue? or did configure eth0 incorrectly? If so, please advise! Need this up by tonight!!.

Thank you!

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Level 5
Level 5

This is a client setting rather than a server one. What terminal emulator are you using?

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I am actually not using a terminal emulator. I log in directly to server with a monitor and keyboard. To access CUCM, I log in through web browser.

Is there a way to stay logged in CLI?

No.  If you were using securecrt, putty, terraterm, etc, there are settings to keep the session active.  Cisco has made some decisions for us in terms of security to each of the different interfaces.

Do you mean that the the server loses network connectivity unless you have an active console session?