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COBRAS export and import

Hi All,

I have four standalone CUC which leveraging the same CUCM cluster. The plan is to merge the data of these different instance of CUC into two cluster. For eg;

[CUC-A]+[CUC-C]             <-------- Using COBRAS Export, i'll back up the DB and using COBRAS Import to move them to CUC-A

[CUC-B]+[CUC-D]            <--------- Same method as above

The concern is, since all this four CUC are standalone, they have their own dial-plan which might be overlap to the other CUC. 

Anyone has experience doing this kind of migration before, mind to share you insight, idea or opinion? Do i need to create a new Partition and Search Scope that use same name from the CUC that we going to import in?

All feedback are greatly welcome.

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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Mohd,

You can restore the backups to the same server (a "merge" restore) - but you will have to resolve conflicts in alias/extensions during restore. If there are no conflicts you should be good to go.



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