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Connection message archiver cli getting stuck after downloading a certain number of messages

Simerpreet Singh
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

So we are using cli version 1.0.18, with connection 10.5.2 it worked perfectly for all clusters to backup messages  , but one.

Every time the backup gets stuck at ~13k messages,

We checked the disk space on the windows vm, still got 100+gb left, tried to use a different path, restarted the cluster, no luck,


the logs also pause at that instance and don't even time out to give any errors.



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

right off hand sounds like a corrupted mailstore item - it _should_ timeout (i.e. the connection should time out via IMAP at some point) but I can't say how long that would be right off hand.

If you run it with debug (-d) it will flush the log with each line written so it should show the very last thing completed before getting where it is (i.e. which user/message it's on) - you can validate it by not including that user in the backup perhaps as a way to narrow it down.