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CUCM Constantly Disconnecting TCP Socket


I develop SIP endpoint device which I'm testing against CUCM v14.

My device allows multiple line registrations with CUCM. If I only populate a DN for Line 1, I'm able to register over TCP just fine. However, once I add a second DN to Line 2, CUCM gets into a state in which it continually closes the TCP socket to the device.

I've tested having only a single DN defined on Line 2 and still see the issue where CUCM keeps closing the TCP socket.

When using a DN on Line 2, the CUCM log show the following right after receiving a REGISTER message from the device: 01999022.001 |09:34:29.216 |AppInfo |//SIP/Stack/Info/0x0/ccsip_process_sipspi_queue_event: ccsip_spi_get_msg_type returned: 2 (SIP_NETWORK_MSG), for event 59 (SIPSPI_EV_SOCKET_ERROR) 01999022.002 |09:34:29.216 |AppInfo |//SIP/Stack/Transport/0x0/sipTransportProcessNWSocketException: context=(nil) 01999022.003 |09:34:29.216 |AppInfo |//SIP/Stack/Transport/0x0/sipConnectionManagerProcessSocketExceptions: gConnTab=0xe8dc0578, addr=, port=42654, connid=33363, transpo 01999022.004 |09:34:29.216 |AppInfo |//SIP/Stack/Info/0x0/sipConnectionManagerProcessSocketExceptions: Handling TCP reset for all contexts on connection 01999022.005 |09:34:29.216 |AppInfo |//SIP/Stack/Info/0x0xe7fc0910/sipConnectionManagerNotifyReset: Found gcbs on connection waitq 01999022.006 |09:34:29.216 |AppInfo |//SIP/Stack/Info/0x0xd6fddcc0/sipConnectionManagerNotifyReset: Found gcb on connection 0xe7fc0910 01999022.007 |09:34:29.216 |AppInfo |//SIP/Stack/Error/0x0xd6fddcc0/sipTransportPostSendFailure: Posting send failure msg with tcb:(nil) reason=0 01999022.008 |09:34:29.216 |AppInfo |//SIP/Stack/Transport/0x0/sipTransportPostCloseConnection: Posting TCP conn close for addr=, port=42654, connid=33363 01999022.009 |09:34:29.216 |AppInfo |//SIP/Stack/Transport/0x0/sipDeleteConnInstance: Deleted conn=0xe7fc0910, connid=33363, addr=, port=42654, transport=TCP

Any idea as to why CUCM is behaving this way?

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