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CUCM Database Query

Michael Marzol

We are in need of cross referencing or somehow consolidating our End User fields (user ID, Controlled Devices, and Primary Extension) with our phone DN fields (Directory Number, Associated Devices, and Line Text Label). I'm thinking the best way to go about this is through a SQL query but I'm just not familiar enough with the syntax or the CUCM database schema to get anything useful. There are a number of reasons we want this information:

1. We sync with LDAP and want to be sure that the Line Text Label field not only exists but also matches the LDAP synced User ID field.

2. Some end users have physical phones however do not have them assigned under Controlled Devices in End User configuration.

3. Some end users do not have the Primary Extension assigned to them under End User configuration or it is incorrect.

4. We want to verify that the Telephone Number field pulled from LDAP matches up with the users actual DN.

Thank you!

Michael M.

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Gordon Ross

Under CUCM documentation, look for the Data Dictionary. Near the end there are a few pages where they show the relationships for some basic/core scenarios. (e.g. users, lines & devices)


Just be careful with the User<>Device association: There are multiple ways a user can be associated to a device!


You can either run SQL queries from the CUCM Command line ("run sql SELECT description FROM device WHERE name='SEP112233445566') or via AXL (A SOAP based API used to wrap SQL queries)



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Thank you for the reply Gordon. I see the pages you're referring to but it's all still quite cryptic to me as I'm not well versed in SQL. I've opened up a TAC case for assistance.


Mike M

Michael Odom

You should be able to find what you need using the Bulk Administration Export within CUCM.  This has the capability of exporting nearly every configuration item within CUCM to a .csv files.  Keep in mind that large exports, such as Devices, can take 12 or more hours for larger clusters.



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