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CUE AIM-CUE version 7.4 compatible with CUCM 8.6


Hello ,

We have a router 2811 equipped with AIM-CUE module version 7.0, We need to upgrade the the module to be compatible with CUCM 8.6. The issue is that the compitability matrix doesnot give a direct answer as in one table it says that for CUCM 8.6 you need at least CUE 7.4 or 8.6. Now in another table it says that for that specific hardware compitability (AIM-CUE) it support up to 7.x and didnot mention exactly the version. So my question is does this mean the if we upgrade the AIM-CUE module to 7.4 it will be compatible with CUCM 8.6?.

Please advise.


Amr Sherif

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Priyadarshini B.T
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Below would be the link which you have checked for the compatibility matrix,

And yes, CUE 7.4 is compatible with CUCM 8.6.

Hi ,

What about the license files? as i know that license on 7.0 is downloaded according to the integration mode CME or CUCM. So after upgrade to 7.4 do i need any licenses to be added as 7.0 or it has another different approach?

Thanks and waiting for your reply.


Amr Sherif

Rob Huffman
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Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Amr,

You will require new licenses when moving to CUE 7.4 but they

can be acquired for free (as shown below) 

Beginning with Cisco Unity Express 7.1, a new type of license called  CSL licensing is supported. With CSL licenses, the mailbox license count  includes both personal mailboxes and GDMs. The type of the mailbox is  determined when it is configured. Also, the call-agent is no longer  specified using licenses and can be configured either as part of  post-install process or during bootup.

Obtaining Migration Licenses

Note There is no cost to obtain migration licenses for CSL.
Required Information

To obtain CSL migration licenses you need to have the following information:

•The SKU for the features that you need.

This is the information that you determined in the "Selecting which Features You Want" section.

•The Product ID (PID)

•The Serial Number (SN) from the device.

Using the Migration Portal

Note You must have a CCO password to access some of the URLs in the following procedure.

Follow these steps to obtain a migration license for your existing Cisco Unity Express 7.1 features:

Step  1 Go to the licensing portal at and click the  link at the bottom of the page to go to the license migration portal.

Step  2 On the router that is running the features that you want to migrate,  enter the show inventory command to see the corresponding product IDs  and serial numbers.

Step 3 Enter the appropriate product ID and the serial number and click Continue.

The product ID is the type of Network Module that you are using, such as AIM-CUE.

Step 4 Use the drop-down menus to select the product family, product, and feature (SKU), then click Continue.

For the product, use the SKU that you determined in the previous section for the features that you want to migrate.

Enter your registration information, including your company's name and e-mail address, then click Continue.

Step 5 Verify all of your license information and click Submit to receive the free CSL upgrade license file by e-mail.

Step 6 Repeat the appropriate steps above for each device that is running features that you want to migrate.

Step 7 Copy the license file(s) to a FTP or TFTP server.

Adding More Mailboxes, Ports, IVR Sessions, and TimeCardView Users

When  you buy licences for additional features on Cisco Unity Express 7.1,  the licences are available only in the increments shown below. These  licenses are the same for all supported devices. See the Release Notes  for Cisco Unity Express 7.1 for a list of supported devices. The  following types of licenses are available:

•Mailboxes (available only in increments of five)

•Ports (available only in increments of two)

•IVR (available only in increments of two)

•TimeCardView users (available only in increments of one)

The corresponding SKUs for these licenses are:





To  determine the total quantity of licenses you need, multiply the  incremental quantity from the name of the CSL license with the explicit  quantity of increments that you want to purchase. For instance,  FL-CUE-MBX-5 represents an incremental quantity of five mailboxes. If  you select an explicit quantity of four for the FL-CUE-MBX-5 feature,  the total quantity will be five times four, or 20.

Using CLI Commands to Install Licenses

After  you obtain a license file from Cisco's licensing portal and copy it to a  FTP or TFTP server, use the following CLI commands to install the  license. Only the use of FTP is shown below.

1. license install ftp://username:password@ip_address/path/license_file

2. reload

3. enable

4. show license all

5. show license in-use

6. show license status application

From this excellent doc;



"What you don't have you don't need it now" 

- U2

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