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CUPC 8 Pre-populate Calendar Integration Option

Jonathan Schulenberg
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Has anyone found a method to enable calendar integration by default in CUPC 8? If not, is there an existing enhancement request for this?

This option is unchecked by default within Options and does not appear to be stored in the %APPDATA%\Cisco\Unified Communications\Client Services Framework\Config\ file that stores other CSF preferences. To my knowledge there is also no way to set this default on CUPS either.


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Level 9
Level 9

This setting is in the CUPS database table.

Yes, there was an enhancement request.  But it was postponed  CSCsi95362: BAT: bat for calendar and meeting notification.

You might want to get your account manager push the development.


Or just squirt in an update statement to the DB tables via axl?


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CUPS: set enable calendar integration to true for all users

run sql update enduser set enablecalendarpresence='t' where mailid like "%"

CUPS: enable deskphone control

run sql update epasenduser set enablemoc='t' where pkid like "%"

Cisco TAC does not recommend and will not support enabling calendaring via this SQL command.  We have seen several cases now where using this does not work.  The development team has confirmed setting enablecalendarpresence='t' will change what you see on the CUP user page, but does not make all the changes to the database which are required.  CUPS uses a stored proceedure for enabling the calendar status.  We have an enhancement defect which will add the functionality to change this via the bulk admin tool and is expected to be in CUPS 9.


CSCsi95362 - BAT: bat for calendar and meeting notification

One should also be aware, any changes made on the CUPS Exchange Gateway page may remove/reset the Exchange calendar presence setting for all users.  All users will need to re-enable Exchange calendar presence.

Also, the Cisco Jabber for Windows client does not currently have any configuration option for enabling Exchange calendar presence.  Users must access the CUP server's /cupuser web page to enable it.

-- Joseph Hardy


Looks like bulk update has been pushed back to CUPS v10.



This is disappointing news; however, thanks for the clarification.

The feature request is missing a critical component. Do you have the ability to add to the request?

We need a service parameter that defines the 'By Default' behavior when a user is added: On or Off. That would eliminate the need to run BAT jobs after every user account addition and users can change the value in a one-off manor as-needed through Jabber/CUPC.