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CUPS - Exchange Certificate Issues

James Hawkins
Level 8
Level 8


I am trying to integrate CUPS 8.5 with Exchange 2010 to share calendar information. This requires SSL.

The VeriSign certificate that my customer has provided uses Subject Alternative Names - see link below:

The main certificate name is It contains the following as Subject Alternative Names:

CUPS needs to use the name.

I have two questions.

1.     Should CUPS work with this type of certificate or will it need one with as the main name?

2.     Where can I find logs for troubleshooting CUPS connections?

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Accepted Solutions

No... he said that he did not know (or wasn't allowed to say) which release this would be in...

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Level 1

1. If I remember it right, CUPS doesn't work with SAN.  That might have been changed on 8.5 though.

2. You may take a look at PE logs and filter out the 'owa' entries.


Thanks Michael,

I guess I need to raise a TAC case to check the SAN support.

I will update the thread when I get an answer.

James - I came across the exact same issue at a client site... TAC said that CUPS does NOT support any SAN in the server certificate...

They said that the support will be there in a future release...

Did you receive the same response from TAC?

Hi Joshua,

I have not actually got around to raising a TAC case yet as I have been off work.

Thanks for updating the thread with your findings - did TAC give any indication which new release will have SAN support?



No... he said that he did not know (or wasn't allowed to say) which release this would be in...

Level 5
Level 5

Anybody heard anything on this issue being resolved anytime soon?


I am running CUPS 8.6.3 and the SAN certificate are still not supported but...Even that I have a
"SubjectCN Mismatch" on the Exchange Presence Gateway the access to the calendar is working.

I have also found that it will be supported in 8.6.4 (date ??) in the CUPS Integration Guide for Exchange


Thank you very much for updating this thread. I will try applying the upgrade to 8.6.4 when it becomes available.