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Finesse 11.5 Wrap up Codes

Jake Riecken

We recently switched from CAD 9.X to Finesse 11.5.  I see 3 configurable reason codes (Not Ready, Sign Out, and Wrap Up).  I thought if a wrap up code was configured it would put the agent in not ready state.  When I configured one it keeps them in Ready.  What is the main difference between Wrap Up and Not Ready code?


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Slavik Bialik
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Rising star

Is it possible to do both of the two scenarios below?

1.) Agent takes call and SELECTS the "Work" wrap-up button  -  Agent is put in work/not ready to complete tasks.

2.) Agent takes call and is presented the option to wrap up but does NOT SELECT the "Work" wrap up button  Agent is put in the Ready state to take the next call.

If you enable the auto work on the CSQ then that overrides the auto ready on the agent side.  Our Call Center wants to go in the Work mode if the wrap-up is selected but if it is not selected they want the agent to stay in ready state after they complete the previous call.

Hi, I'm not sure I understand what you mean. By saying WORK mode, you mean WRAP-UP mode or READY mode?

And by saying 'Agent takes call' you mean by agent answers the call, or after call is being finished?

But from what I think I understand, you want that when an agent is finished his call, he'll be able to go to WRAP-UP mode if he wants to, but if not, it won't automatically force him into WRAP-UP mode? Am I correct?

That is exactly correct.  If the Agent chooses a wrap up code we want them to go in the work mode.  If they do not select the wrap up then we want them to go auto ready again after they end a call.


Well, I never done it before, because our clients do not ask us to implement a manual wrap-up mode, they're always asking us to force the users into wrap-up mode for X seconds, after that they're automatically being switched to READY mode.

But I think it is possible, and easy to implement.

  • You must configure in the Finesse configurations, under the 'Reasons' page, in section named 'Manage Wrap-Up reason' a new wrap-up reason, named 'Work' for example.
  • In UCCE -> Configuration Manager -> Tools -> List Tools -> Agent Desktop Settings List. Choose the ADS that you're using for your agents, and configure:
    • Wrap up time - in seconds. How much time the agent will be in wrap up mode. Set 30 seconds for example.
    • Work mode on Incoming - Optional.

That's it. Should work I think.

Because you're choosing 'Optional', it won't force you into wrap-up mode, but still leaves the option for the agent to get into wrap-up mode with a click of a button.

Please update me if it's working, as I said I never implemented it, so I also want to know if it's working. :)

Thanks for the info.  This is for a UCCX deployment.  Are you familiar with this system.  There is no Optional in UCCX just Automatic Ready and Disabled.  :/

Oh, sorry :(

I thought it was a UCCE setup.

I'm not so familiar with UCCX. Sorry.

I tried to read about it just now, and accessed some UCCX I own to review the settings, but I think you're right, it's not possible over there what you're trying to achieve. Very limited compared the UCCE as I see. You can't even choose if you want the wrap-up mode only for incoming calls, or only for outgoing calls.

Yep, :(

Ok thanks for all your help!

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