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Forcing some internal calls external?

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So this sounds like an odd request but there is a reason behind it.

We have call recording via the BIB but the software we use is an all or nothing in regards to internal calls, i.e. we record all internal or none at all.


The problem is we only want to record internal calls for some users and the call recording application does not support this. 


As its maybe 10-15 users who call each other internally every now and then, my plan was to try and force their internal calls between each other externally as we record external calls.

Adding a 12XX translation pattern to their partition with the external digits as a prefix does not work as the 4 digit internal extensions are more specific.


I tried adding 12XX as a translation to a new partition and added this to the top of their CSS but again CUCM seems to ignore this as the 4 digit extension is more specific which is odd as I assumed the partitions were matched in a top down order.


I just want all 12XX numbers when dialed to add the external number as a prefix and route it towards our gateway.

I realise the call will go out and come back in but I don't see any other workaround to get the calls to record.

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Jaime Valencia
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Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Order of the partitions in the CSS is ONLY used as a tie breaker for EQUALLY GOOD matches.

12xx and 1234 are not equally good matches and best match is used. 1234 in PT A and 1234 in PT B are equally good matches, and then the order in which the partitions show in the CSS would matter.


You'd need to change your CSS and partitions to remove best matches and then only leave the 12xx in their CSS, OR, you will need to create as many TPs with the same number as the phones so it's an equally good match, and then place that partition above the one DNs are in the CSS.



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