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Forwarding to an outside line can take up to a full minute

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Howdy all, Call Manager 11.5 /user base 5000. I mostly handle day to day VoIP admin user side issues but new to the deeper working of Call Manager.

The issue I am dealing with is when a VoIP line is forwarded to an outside line like a cell phone, the process can take up to a full minute. This issue is not consistent.

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You must check the dial plan, if you have a single RP for all outside calls this could happen as it will wait for the inter digit timeout to finish.

This issues is for just forwarded calls or the behavior is same when you call the cell phone number  from this extensions ?

Narrow down the issues, identify  the external number which has issues. Try calling these numbers from the Deskphone.

Check if there is conflict dial plan, Dialed Number Analysis( AKA DNA) will help you in that. You can access the DNA from CUCM serviceability Page.




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The issue is only with forwarded calls, but does not happen every time.

The delay will happen with a desk phone and external calls.

I will check dial plans when I get chance today, thank you.

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