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Forwarding Unity Connections voicemail over IMAP

Erick Bergquist
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Does anyone know how to get Outlook to forward a voicemail from IMAP connection to UC to a exchange user (the users normal exchange account in outlook)? When they try it just sits in their outbox. I believe this is expected and the way it works since they are really 2 different servers and not conneted at all. Outlook simply connects via IMAP to their CuC maolbox to playback voicemails in outlook.

Besides saving the wav file, and attaching it to an email, I was thinking of other solutions to get this to work. I have not tried this yet, wanted to see if others here have and know if this would work or not.

I was thinking of setting up the IMAP connection for unity connection as the incoming server and their exchange as outgoing server. Then under more options, set the exchange account as the username/password for outbound server. And then set the exchange account as the default account in outlook to send mail from. Would this let the forwarding of unity connection voice mails work, or would outlook try to forward it via IMAP on the unity server which can't send messages via IMAP?

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Just out of curiosity, did you get this working? I am struggling with the same issue.

Hi -

Here's something I got to work in test using Outlook 2003. My voicemail is on Unity Connection 7.X for testing. I had the same problem you described attempting to forward a voice message from my IMAP inbox to an Exchange user (who has Unity UM). It would remain in the Outbox.

1. From Outlook, On the Tools menu, click Options.

2. On the Preferences tab, click E-mail Options.

3. In the E-mail Options dialog box, click Advanced E-mail Options.

4. Check the box "In folders other than the Inbox, save replies with original message". Reply OK to exit.

5. Open the UC voice message.

6. Select Actions - Forward with voice. Note - although the original message does not show up, it does get included when you send it.

7. Using UC ViewMail, record an intro.

8. Select a person in the To column - I did this from the GAL.

9. Send the message. Note - Unity ViewMail for Outlook does not see the incoming message as a voice message, but you can play the message (original or intro) via Windows Media Player. I'm sure this can be addressed with some tweaking, as we'll have some time with users on both versions as we migrate from 5 Unity servers to UC. Give that a try and see if it works. I also found that if I send this same message back to myself, it goes to my UC inbox as a voice message. In my UC SMTP configuration, I have the Smart host defined as the alias for our email connector servers/forwarders - example


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