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Help me !! about AA transfer in unity connection

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Level 1

Dear all

I have an question , our customer has some IPT device in their office .

One unity connection

two Unified Callmanager

two srst Router

I created two auto attendant handle in unity connection,the external user call an pstn number then the AA Answered pls dial extension no or dial 0 for operator ,then the user dial extension number , the AA answer  means "the system not found you request number" but the internal user can call any internal number , who can explain this problem?

thanks a lot

Best Rgd

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i am using 10.x and ran into the same issue. 

it ended up being the CSS...

needed to add the PT of the number to VM CSS

It works.. it seems theres is a default restriction table that not allow to tranfers DN so there are 2 ways.. to unchek * restriction or to add the first digit of your DN's extensions.



8 years later and you have saved me some headache my friend!! I had this exact same issue.

Hi Mister,

I also try with System Setting-> Roles->Restriction Pattern ->Default System Setting( my CUC firmware version11.5.1.12900-21)
I try to add pattern of my company extension, uncheck the block box. The issue fixed but happens again sometimes. Not sure what cause this nasty thing and why it happens randomly sometimes.