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How Cisco Call Mgr Cube Keepalive programming for Solarwinds

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My NMT (Solarwinds) team is seeking Keep alive to be setup for our Cisco Cubes, everything that I am reading is showing a need for programming each dial peer for keep alive, we have no groups on our cubes, and we have 1000's of dial peers, is there an easy way to enable all dial peers for keep alive and what is the command if so?  We have 12 varieties of Cisco Cube

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What is it that you seek to see in SolarWind?

Configuring SIP option ping on a dial peer is just a single line of configuration. Add this “voice-class sip options-keepalive” to your dial peers if they have a single session target or this “voice-class sip options-keepalive <tag>” if you have a server group. Apart from this you need to create the SIP Out-Of-Dialog OPTIONS (OODO) Ping Group, for more information on this please see this document.

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Our Network monitoring team wants to monitor sip traffic in and out of the cubes, number of calls in/out, packet loss, etc. for solarwinds monitoring, we had it setup in Logicmonitor and it was nice but the internal team wants to use solar winds and solarwinds states we must have keep alive enabled to get the sip traffic into the SW dashboard. My guess is I am going to have to program the keepalive you mentioned above on all 400 dial peers on all the cubes?

I’m afraid that configuration of SIP option ping alone will not give you all that information that you listed into SW. There would be more to it than that, but what specifically your team that runs the SW system must tell you.

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