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how to find caller id for Pranks calls on Gateway

Chandra sekhar
Level 1
Level 1


One of the my clients are the store is continually receiving ghost calls from some organisation. They see the Caller ID as Unknown.

tried using the debug vpm singal and no caller ID number.

Case 1 : caller id failed

Apr 22 22:08:40.810: htsp_process_event: [0/0/2, FXOLS_ONHOOK, E_DSP_SIG_0000]fx


Apr 22 22:08:40.810: htsp_timer - 125 msec

Apr 22 22:08:40.938: htsp_process_event: [0/0/2, FXOLS_WAIT_RING_MIN, E_HTSP_EVE


Apr 22 22:08:40.938: htsp_timer - 10000 msec

Apr 22 22:08:40.938: htsp_timer3 - 5600 msec

Apr 22 22:08:40.938: [0/0/2] htsp_start_caller_id_rx:BELLCORE

Apr 22 22:08:40.938: htsp_start_caller_id_rx create dsp_stream_manager

Apr 22 22:08:40.938: [0/0/2] htsp_dsm_create_success  returns 1

Apr 22 22:08:41.158: htsp_process_event: [0/0/2, FXOLS_RINGING, E_DSP_SIG_0100]

Apr 22 22:08:41.158: fxols_ringing_not

Apr 22 22:08:41.158: htsp_timer_stop

Apr 22 22:08:41.158: htsp_timer - 10000 msec

Apr 22 22:08:42.654: htsp_process_event: [0/0/2, FXOLS_RINGING, E_DSP_SIG_0000]

Apr 22 22:08:43.778: htsp_process_event: [0/0/2, FXOLS_RINGING, E_DSP_SIG_0100]

Apr 22 22:08:43.778: fxols_ringing_not

Apr 22 22:08:43.778: htsp_timer_stop

Apr 22 22:08:43.778: htsp_timer_stop3

Apr 22 22:08:43.778: [0/0/2] htsp_stop_caller_id_rx. message length 0htsp_setup_


Apr 22 22:08:43.778: [0/0/2] get_fxo_caller_id:Caller ID receive failed.  parseC

allerIDString:no data.

Apr 22 22:08:43.778: [0/0/2] get_local_station_id calling num= calling name= cal

ling time=04/22 16:08  orig called=

Apr 22 22:08:43.786: htsp_process_event: [0/0/2, FXOLS_WAIT_SETUP_ACK, E_HTSP_SE


Checked with the carrier and they don't see any issue either.  We are connected to the carrier using FXO ports

please advice


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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

If you have Caller ID working for other calls, then it means that no CLID is present for these calls, and you cannot do nothing about it.

yes caller ID is working for others. It seems to be problem only for number. Customer said sometimes he sees the caller id as cvp on it. As been a retail customer they cannot afford to loose business because of this. Is there any way we can track this number and block only this ?

Please read answer above.

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