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Hunt pilot to voicemail failure

David Watson
Level 1
Level 1

CUCM8.6, Unity 11.0.1

I am trying to make a hunt pilot go to voicemail messages if it is either unanswered or nobody is logged in.

Tried making Unity mailboxes and numbers, Unity System Call handlers, and all sorts of combinations.

I can either make all the calls fail, or go to our standard out of hours message only, none of them go to the

correct message.

If I forward the unanswered calls to a known working extension with voicemail set up then the extension rings

but as soon as Unity answers it the call goes to the out of hours message and not the correct voicemail box.

Any ideas?

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Look at port monitor to see what digits are coming to Unity for this call.

What number is called first? If it is the hunt pilot and then ends up in voicemail, make sure the hunt pilot is configured to go to voicemail on no answer and that the mailbox in unity has alternate extension defined to match the hunt pilot DN.

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hi David,

EDIT: +5 to my buddy Chris for his great answer and for beating me to the punch here!

The tricky part to this type of setup is what Unity Connection sees as the forwarded DN (the Hunt Pilot #) vs what/where the mailbox # is matched in Unity Connection so we can record the appropriate greeting. And secondly, how will we know when a message has been left on the Hunt mailbox. We need some examples here to try and explain properly.

Let's say the Hunt Pilot DN = 5000.

What many people do is to do one of these things;

1. Make the Hunt Pilot DN (5000) an Alternate Extension (via Unity Connection admin) on an existing Line Group Members mailbox so the Red MWI Lamp would be lit on their phone when a message for the Hunt group is left

2. Add a new second "shared" line to any or all Line Group members phones (let's say new DN = 2355)  and then set the Hunt Pilot DN (5000) as an Alternate Extension (via Unity Connection admin) on this new line (2355) so the Red MWI Lamp would be lit on the desired member phones when a message for the Hunt group is left.

Create a mailbox for 2355 with 5000 as an Alternate Extension. When the call routes through to Unity Connection via the Hunt Pilot No Answer Unity Connection should see the CLID of 5000 which will then be connected to the Mailbox on 2355.



David Watson
Level 1
Level 1

Thanks for both your replies, they both helped me to find the problem.

It turns out that the DN I was using for the hunt pilot was also a hidden System Call Handler for our

out of hours message, which is why all the calls went there!!

As soon as I changed the HP number, and added an alternate extension it burst into life :)

It didn't need to have messages left, just 2 announcements depending if the call wasn't answered

or nobody was logged in to the hunt group. Using the standard and busy messages I have managed

this :)