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IPCC Queue to skill group - reserved Agent

Level 1
Level 1

Hi Forum,

consider there are 10 Agents which are all in 5 different skill groups.

is there a posibility to always save / reserve an agent so that ( if all agent in skillgroup 1  except of one are busy ) the last agent of this skill group 1 ( which is noch busy ) will never get a call from a different skill group then skill group 1? so that this agent is kind of reserve to get a call from skill group 1 ( which is more important.

hm...does that make sence?.... sry for confusing you guys....;)

thank in advance...


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Jonathan Schulenberg
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Is this Express or Enterprise? The answers are usually different.

If Express: No. The closest you will be able to come is to increase the priority of a contact if there are less than two resources available in the CSQ. You can do this with the Get Reporting Statistics, If, and Set Priority steps. A higher priority contact will always be offered to an agent before a lower priority one, even if the lower priority contact has been waiting longer.

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