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Migrate BE 3k & 5K to BE 7K



I have a customer whose Voice architecture is very distributed. All of its sites are running an individual local voice network with some running on BE 3K, 5K, individual Call manager on 7825 and rest sites on PBXs.

Now customer is looking to standardize its voice network onto Cisco BE7K. Is it possible to migrate the licenses from present BE 3K and 5Ks to the new BE7k (plz suggest both option with valid UCSS and no UCSS). We will also like to migrate the present Call manager licenses to the new 7K system (we dont have information on present call manager cluster versions assuming it would be atlease 7.x).

We are looking to build a new BE 7k system and then migrate all the sites on it.

Any doc or link would be helpfull.


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Yes you can all details can be found here

Cisco Systems

Hi Srini,

Thanks for your reply. I read through the PPTs and found below one linner there

"Customers with UCSS may upgrade to 9.1 or above at no cost via their subscription and still qualify for Collaborate Now discounts "

Is it true that if a customer is having a valid UCSS he can migrate to new system without any migration charges? Please suggest if my intepretation is correct.


In your case they can get credit for all their licenses if they have support. It will be a manual process through licensing. You will have to show them the proof of all the current covered products.

Also might be a good time to clean up the system rather than take a backup and restore since with many system they can have dial plan overlaps and other junk

You have 60 days to fix plm issues

If a cluster isn't covered then you can use those programs



Hi Srini,

Yes you are right, we are actually looking to install a fresh server/application and then migrate the users and their licenses onto the new server. Upgrade of existing systems is completely ruled out.

So what I understand we can migrate the licenses of our BE 3K and 5K systems to CUCM, UCN if the UCSS is valid without any cost. Right?

Yes check that link inside that you will see a matrix of supported combinations

It's one of the links in there



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If you are a Cisco Partner with access to the Cisco Partner Community, then I recommend you post your question there for more appropriate feedback and information.

The link posted by Srini is restricted and requires special permission for access.


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