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On Prem CUCM and hosted "Skype for Business" integration

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Level 1

One deployment has on-prem CUCM infra (ver 10.5.2) with expressway setup for B2B call.

Other deployment (completely independent) has hosted skype for business (office 365).

Requirement is to enable calling between phones in CUCM and Skype for Business.

I have done integration of on-prem CUCM & on-prem Lync with SIP trunk for PSTN calling and using exp-c for video calling.  But not for the hosted case.

Is this possible.  Is there any document available for this integration.  Is there any licensing requirement for this.

I do see some thread in the forum regarding this and they say it is not supported.  But these threads a little older.  Hence posting this to confirm the latest situation.

Thanks in advance.

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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Majeed,

You can refer the following




Thanks for the response.  But both of them are for integration of on-prem CUCM with on-prem Lync/Skype for Business.  

I am not sure whether I have not sounded clear in my initial query.  I am looking for details for the integration of on-prem CUCM with cloud/hosted Skype for Business (office 365).  

Is this possible.


Any help here..??  Thanks.

Looks like there are no specific docs available for this integration , you may engage your local SE or Cisco Acct team.


Hi Majeed,

As per the below Cisco Site, it seems that UC integration with Microsoft Lync is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Lync, Skype for Business, Outlook, and Office applications whether they are Office 365-based or traditional on-premise deployments.






Even .
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Level 1

Hi Majeed,


did you manage to work it out? Because i have the same requirement to integrate cucm on prem with skype on the cloud.


is it possible?




Yes it is possible:


 I have seen with one my vendor so it is possible. I am currently working on it. Keep in touch as i started to work on this project as of last week. I will be keep posting steps and confiuguration guide as i am going along with the project. I have done a bit of study about it already. So if you have any questions or concern that i can answer i will be more then happy to answer those questions.


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Majed Khan

I have integrated skype for business with our CUCM 10.5.

Could you please share the all the license requirements for Skype calls to be working with CUCM

For Call Manager you need CUWL Standard Licenses and Skype for business on cloud we have E3 right now but may be we move to E5 not sure yet. Again i only integrated skype for business client with our Call Manager.


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Hi Majed,

  I am looking to integrate S4B on cloud with  CUCM 11. Can you share information on how you integrate that and is that support external calls (calling outside) as well? No only internal calls.


Excuse for delay response. You can make and receive external calls as well as internal calls. Share your email and i will forward the Docs to you.



Majed Khan

HI,  I need to do this integration betwen S4B on cloud and CUCM 11.x On-prem. Could you share the documentation?


Thanks for your support


Hi Majed, Can you send the doc and prerequisites for SFB integration with **bleep**, my email :