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Provisionning UNITY



I'm looking for the process to create several users in Unity, using a csv file.

It seems that the fields are: LAST_NAME,FIRST_NAME,DTMF_ACCESS_ID but I don't the field associated to the PIN as users will have their own PIN to consult their mailbox.

Thanks to confirm me that it's the right way and to give me the PIN fiel I have to add to my CSV file.


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Rob Huffman
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Hi Gadacha,

There are Optional Column Headers, have a look at the following;

Optional CSV File Column Headers


The password that governs how subscribers initially log on to Cisco Unity by phone.

This value corresponds to the Password field on the Subscribers > Subscriber > Passwords page in the Cisco Unity Administrator.

By default, subscriber templates use 12345 as the default phone password for all subscribers unless you change it in the template or change it here. To help protect Cisco Unity from unauthorized access and toll fraud, the password should be changed. (Note that if your system is a new installation, this task may have already been done, because the installer is prompted to change the default phone password for the {Default Subscriber} template during installation. However, if your system was upgraded from a Cisco Unity version prior to 4.0(4), the installer was not prompted to change the password during installation.)

Enter any combination of digits from 0 through 9, up to a maximum of 20 digits. As a best practice, specify a long?eight or more digits?and non-trivial password. (Requirements for password complexity are set on the Subscribers > Account Policy > Phone Password Restrictions page in the Cisco Unity Administrator.)

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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Thanks for your help and your reactivity !

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