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Shared Email Inbox for Voice Mail Messages

Mike Matoska
Level 1
Level 1

I have over 20 AD Users Accounts that have shared Email Profiles One Example.

After hours CCX Script goes to Help Desk Voice Mail that's appears on 7 users profile for HelpDesk_VM 

That that all 7 Helpdesk Associates receive the Voice Mails

Original questions regarding voicemail AD accounts:

  • Do they need to exist in Active Directory?
  • Do they need to sync with Azure AD?
  • Would their function be negatively affected by configuring them to being unable to log in in AD?
  • Would their function be negatively affected by a policy enforcing password expiration and reset every 90 days?

If nothing else, we need to establish parity in their AD configurations and determine the best OU in which to locate them.

Any Help with this would be greatly appreciated 

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