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Transfer to Operator from within Voicemailbox


I have a client asking for this feature. If a user signs into their mailbox, listens to their voicemails, they do not logout of the mailbox but they want to be able to hit Zero and then be transferred to the operator. Instead of hearing the rather useless help function. Is this possible? I have a work around of hitting * to exit the mailbox. Then under the conversation tab for the user performing a transfer to the operator after they exit the mailbox. This seems to work OK but I wanted to know if I could hit Zero from within the mailbox. It seems like those are system wide prompts and probably can't be changed but wanted to ask to be sure.

As an alternative, can I do a transfer from within the mailbox. Maybe map to an unused key instead of Zero. That would be OK as well. If not this would be a useful feature to add in the future. Some sort of call handler from within the user's voicemail box.

Thanks in advance.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You can't map keys to custom functions for the mailbox, so that's not an option.

However if you hit 0 a second time (from within the usless help) it should drop out to the operator mailbox (is used to do this - I don't have a box to test with here). So you can hit "00" from within the subscriber conversation and get dropped to the operator.

Thanks for the reply sensai. I tried this on a Unity 4.04 box but I can hit zero until I'm blue in the face and she just keeps saying, "message count help, message count help." It's ok, I'll use the workaround I mentioned. The client is OK with this.

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