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UCCX 8.0 DB replication

Hi all,

We have UCCX 8.0 HA setup for a customer. All the services are Master on Subscriber and slave on Publisher. We are doing the MACD on Publisher and the changes are replicated on to subscriber. For ex, In publisher, under the default team , there is only on agent shown as assigned resources (Meaning other agents are assigned to newly created teams). But from the subscriber, under the Deafult team, there are lot of agent shown as Assigned resources.

We have recently done Su4 upgrade also. tried with Utils dbreplication repair all command and no luck with that.

Please help me resolve this issue.



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Hi Bala,

Please access the UCCX Serviceability page and navigate to Tools->Datastore control center->Replication servers and click on Reset Replication.

And also navigate to

Tools->Datastore control center->Datastores and for each of the datastores (Agent\config\Historical\Repository) perform synchronise data operation.

Hope it helps.


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Hi Anand,

Thanks for the response. Actually A TAC was created for this issue after this post . TAC engineer did the same thing but slighlty different.

He did "Disable CDS and HDS" and enabled it on the same page. Once after that everything started replicating from Pub to Sub.

Secondly when we were checking the status here, for the config data store, the Synchronise Data operation button was grayed out. This is just a finding.

Now everything works normal

Thanks once again anand for the reponse .



If there are common causes for why db replication stops happening could you share?

Mostly it is related to the network connectivity. The other reason what Cisco said was, if the servers are not brought down properly and that would result in db table sync process failure.

Hi Rajan,

In UCCXHA over WAN deployments one of the other common reason is ISLAND mode.

Refer Page 68:

And also,

Hope it helps.


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