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UCME closed hours direct to voicemail

Chris Campbell

I need to configure UCME to use a hunt group during the day, then voicemail.


After hours and on weekends, can I make it go directly to the voicemail and bypass the hunt group?  I've tried using a pilot number and the night-service, but it seems to ignore night-service and go directly to the hunt group. 


I'm using all SIP phones.  Here's what I have on my test router:



 max-ephones 5

 max-dn 10

 dialplan-pattern 1 XXXXXXXXXX extension-length 4

 max-conferences 8 gain -6

 call-park system application

 transfer-system full-consult

 night-service weekday 17:00 09:00

 night-service weekend 00:00 23:59


voice-port 0/1/0

 connection plar opx 5000

 caller-id enable


ephone-dn  10

 number 5000

 name Main inbound

 call-forward all 5001

 call-forward night-service 8600


voice hunt-group 1 sequential

 final 8600

 list 4001,4002,4003

 timeout 15 

 pilot 5001 




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SIP phone configuration you need to do it on Voice register, not on ephone. 

ePhone configurations are for SCCP phones. 



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I suspected that might be the case,but I can't find that option under voice register.  Could you tell me where to find it?

A LONG LONG time ago, I did something like this using some of the built in TCL scripts. I hacked on the scripts to have have it prepend a "*" to the dialed number when it was outside of business hours. That was attached to the inbound dial peer. To give you an idea of the time frame, the gateway was a 1760.

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