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Unable to login to Personal Communicator

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Level 1

Hi there,

I just installed the Cisco Unified Presence Server and am able to see the server in Call Manager (Under Application Server), it came in automatically over there (note: If i add a URL or End User URL and save it, it does not save these changes and just shows the name of the server as "CUPS").

I followed alot of articles and videos online to have the presence server installed and i did verify the installation and everything seems ok, I checked under System-> CUCM Publisher and it shows me all green's (Reachable, Connected, Successful, Version 7..0.2.2).

My problem is when i run the Personal communicator and try to logon on using the username and password of a user in cucm (integrated with LDAP, also note that i can log on to the ccmuser page with this user and it works fine) it says login failed, i have doublechecked the username and password of the user and it is all ok.... I can as well see all the users as "Assigned" in CUPS....

The only problem i can see is that I have not uploaded any licenses and "I am currently running in evaluation mode with 88 days remanining), can this be the reason i am not able to login to the Personal communicator...

Is there something under the Application->Cisco Unified Personal Communicator->Settings, User Settings, Voice Mail Server, etc.....  that i got to take care of....

Please if someone could provide me with a complete administrator guide for CUPS/CUPC and tell me what might be the cause why i cannot login to the CUPC...

Thank You

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Level 4
Level 4

In CUCM, unser "System" --> "Licensing" --> "Capabilities Assignment", does the user in question have "Enable CUPC" checked?

Yup, all the users have both CUP Enabled and CUPC Enabled checked for them, any other suggestions.



I have CUP server 8.x with evaluation licence and all features work fine for me.

Only thing is in CUCM you need to DLU's for CUPC - softphone to get registered.

what version of CUP and CUPC you have ?

what error do u get when you login ?

Most importantly were you able to login to CUP server ip/user options using your LDAP account ?

If this login is sucessfull then you should be able to login to CUPC.

Cisco Unified Personal Communicator->Settings are for the features such as VM , softphone and we conference.

Without any of these you should be able to login.