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Unity Connection Speechview for O365/Office 365 support availability...

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Level 5

Greetings all,

Question: Does Unity Connection / Speechview support a cloud based Office 365 / O365 email / end user environment? 

Or will Unity Connection support this in the near future and/or what version might support this -  Unity Connection v11.5 / v12.x, etc...

thank you

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Brandon Buffin
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

My understanding is this will not work due to the fact that CUC will not accept EHLO and O365 cannot be configured to send HELO. Take a look at the following bug. No word on when this will be fixed as of yet.


Put us down as having another client that has migrated to O365 and broke the SpeechView.

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Level 4

This is not directly documented but the bug filed has a work around which implies support of SpeechView and CUC, but not the SMTP relay components involved. There are too many SMTP variations for TAC to support, but, all of the ones I have worked with so far work: Ironport, IIS SMTP Server and Symantec Brightmail. Most networks should have an internal SMTP relay for all sorts of notifications from systems out to the internet. You know the ones that blow you up when something's busted. However, external relays can be tricky with all the nefarious SMTP scammers, spammers and bots. If you have a mail filter (ex. Ironport) or external system (ex. Brightmail) then this should be pretty easy as those flows are in place now and only DNS needs to be updated.  Cisco was happy to help read the logs and point out issues that we had to fix along the way. Some notes on the differences.

  1. Follow the guide and ditch the Exchange part. It's mostly about tricking Exchange into doing your SMTP relay bidding.
  2. Create a "CUC" subdomain for the mail routing, requires MX record. Ex.
  3. The CUC email address can be since you are not tricking Exchange into forwarding.
  4. Secure the CUC with an SMTP access list and the same with your SMTP server. Don't want to be a relay for the internet. Whitelist the domain
  5. If you have an external relay inbound, you won't need to add firewall rules. Your External DNS MX should resolve to the external service that will say all messages to either or more specifically stt-service@ from
  6. Brightmail required a fix to the subject line that removed the original the “encrypted attachment”. 


Hey Davidpatton,


Have to tried the configuration without Exchange and office 365. We want to implement speechview but our email system is o365 with no on prem exchange.


Please reply



Did you ever figure this out?

Yes we were able to configure office 365 with Speechview on Unity 11.5. Here is the flow CUC-SMTP Connector on Local Exchange server-Office 365- Nuance and incoming Nuance - Office 365 - Incoming SMTP Connector for special SMTP domain - CUC

Are you able to explain what was configure where? Speechview Configuration document talks about STT-Service and a Incoming SMTP Address.  where should these 2 account exist ?