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Unity Failover Reconfiguration



I am having a unity server already running for one of our customer. But now we have to introduce one more unity server to build failover and take exchange and AD which is currently running on the unity server to the new server.

Challange is that the new server which i have to introduce has to be the primary server and existing one to play the role of secondary.

Though i have thought of taking the backup of existing unity server by DiRT and then restore that to the new unity server. Once restore is succesful, and at the same time move the mailboxes to the newly build exchange server and point the new unity server to the new exchange server and build the integration with callmanager. If everything will go smooth, then i am planning to scrap the existing unity server and build it from scratch.

I am not really sure whether this is the right approach and do i need to take some more precautions before hitting the actual implementation.

And one more thing i would like to know is that while restoring the backup, IP address and hostname will not be same as the old server. Will that have any impact on the restore???

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.



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Hi Renu,

Here is the situation I had:#

Customer had standalone VM Only Unity. The were moving to 2 new MCS servers running Unity VM 5.0.1 VM only with redundancy(onbox message store) and wanted all messages and greetings etc. to come across.

The procedure I used was:

1. DIRT backup of existing Unity system (including messages)

2. Built 2 Unity servers (DO NOT configure failover, AD and Exchange 2003 running on the secondary Unity server)

3. Pull RAID disks at this stage just in case the restore fails (you only get 1 shot before it makes a mess)

4. Restore DIRT into the primary Unity server

5. Configure Failover

6. Re run the Message store configuration Wizard (had to do this because after running the failover configuration wizard when using Unity redundancy with onbox message store it kept breaking the message store link)

7. Check.. if all is ok plug the RAID disks back in

Let me know if this is a bit confusing. I ended up building the whole system in VMWare first where I could take snapshots and verified the backup, restore and failover procedure first.



hi Renu,

Forgot to mention. we used new IP Addresses,hostnames and even AD Domain Name for the new servers and the backup/restore worked fine. DIRT will create the users in AD and Exchange in the new AD environment.


Hi Ken, Thanks for your reply!!

I need some more clarity on few points:

1.You have mentioned that you changed ip address,hostname and even the domain and DiRT worked fine for you. But in my case i have to use same AD and message store will be configured in a different server and that exchange server will be a part a additional domain controller also. Now since you have mentioned that DiRT creates users in AD but i have users already created in AD so what will be the impact???

2. You have mentioned to pull hardisk in case restore is the catch...because of some problem my raid in existing server is not working and that is the main point of concern for me. In case restore fails and i have to roll back what will be the way out??

Just one doubt to clear,in case my restore fails and i have to roll back then can i point old unity to the new message store because i would have moved all the mailboxes to the new exachage server by that time.

Hope i have not confused you...In case yes, please let me know i will explain further...



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