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unity message volume fades inout

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Level 1

When a user checks his/her message the volume seems to fade in and out. Is there something I can check to look into this problem

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Level 1

I am experiencing the same problem. Does not happen all the time, but enough to irritate the users. Have not been able to address the problem.

We'll probably need some more details on this like Unity version, integration tyoe, does it sound this way over the TUI? What does it sound like if the message is retreived via the wav file attached to the email message? Is Unity doing AGC?

version 3.1.5. It is integrated with an external Exchange server. What is TUI and how do I verify it is doing AGC or not? I am not sure if the customer is listening to the message through a wav file or over the phone but I will find out.

After searching through the forums I was going to look into this document to see if I could find anything that looked like it might help.

TUI is just a fancy way of saying "over the phone" TUI = Telephone User Interface. That doc you mentioned does show how to tell if AGC is enabled.

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Level 4

I'm also getting this same problem but so far it is very isolated. If you find a cure I'd sure like to know the fix.


I am having the same problem.

The problem only applies to some voicemails that are left from outside callers. Inside the company voicemails are not affected. The fade in / fade out issue is the same on the phone or on the WAV in the email message. It is very hard to hear the messages when they fade out.

I am still trying to narrow down where the problem is, since it is intermittant. If anyone has any ideas I would be greatly appreciative.

I am using Unity 4.0.3

Aaron Gabrielson

IT Manager

Redmond Minerals

This is the same problem we are experiencing

Unity is 4.03

have you had any resolution to this


Did you ever find a solution for this problem?