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Upgrading 6921 from 8.5.3 directly to 9.2.1sr1 will not work

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Level 1

I was told that I could upgrade directly from 8.5.3  to 9.2.1sr1. I have attempted this and the phone will just sit there and do nothing. I am not sure if I need upgrade in stages or ???

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George Thomas
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Level 10

I think you have to be on 8.5.2 to go to 9.2.1.

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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hi James,

By the looks of things you would have to use the unsigned files

when moving from 8.5.x

Installation Upgrade Notes

Direct upgrades, using unsigned load files, are supported to firmware releases 8.5, 9.x. You can use the following firmware release file for these direct upgrades. For Cisco Unified IP Phone 6921, 6941, and 6961 (SCCP):

8.5 - cmterm-69xx-sccp.9-2-1-sr1-uns.cop.sgn

9.x - cmterm-69xx-sccp.9-2-1-sr1.cop.sgn

Note Converting SIP to previous 9.1(1) SCCP does not work due to a known issue CSCtj89983. The workaround is to perform factory reset after upgrade completes.

Note Converting previous 9.1(1) SCCP to SIP does not support Auto-Registration due to a known issue CSCth26499.

Note A direct upgrade from firmware release 9.0(x) to 9.2(1) SR1 is supported. After you upgrade from an earlier firmware release to 9.2(1) SR1 and for subsequent firmware releases, you can upgrade or downgrade only to signed firmware releases.



I tried the unsigned file and I get this:

(config-telephony)#load 6921 SCCP69xx.9-2-1-1-sr-uns.loads

Phone load name too long, max length = 28