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VG224 not getting fax calls

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Hello Community,


Need help with below.

I have setup as PRI > 4800 > CUCM 11.5 > vg224 > Fax

Attached are configs.

When I dial fax DIDs 4800 shows call under "sh voice call status" but same call does not go to VG224 and to fax. Please advise. I have attached sh ccm-manager and sh mgcp also from VG224.

Regards and Thank you in advance..


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Chris Deren
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Does it work if you dial it internally from an IP phone?  Have you ensured your Partitions and CSSes are applied correctly to the ingress MGCP GW and then the MGCP port?

What does "debug isdn q931" show on the PRI GW?

Hi Chris,

Appreciate the response over the weekend thank you for time. Attached is the debug from the router connected with PRI. I am getting local ext tested.

Thank You,


Is 6478707774 the number you called from?  I only see one call in the debug from this number to 2897771069 which lasted 8 seconds. Is this the call?  If so, it was disconnected from your side, what did you hear for the 8 seconds?  If this is not the call then it never hit this gateway.

Hi Chris, Apology for delayed response. I was remote to the device so I went on site to check after checking your response. Found I am getting dialtone on each port of VG224 but I am not able to dial any number from those ports or from any of the fax port to fax port. It give fast busy. When I dialed 2897771069 number it went main line AA. I am guessing at this point it is about partition the device belongs to.

Best Regards and Happy Holidays :)

Outbound permissions are controlled by the Calling Search Space, so ensure the proper CSSes are assigned to the device and DN.

Yes sir checking same and also setting DIDs for testing on one of the phone for incoming test and that move it to fax ports. Thank you for followup will update you as soon as test is done.

Hi Chris, I think I am running of the track at this point. Need help can you drop me a note to my email to please. Regards,

Locate the MGCP port in CUCM  by going to Gateways and finding it there, then locate the port you are troubleshooting and ensure it has proper Calling Search Space assigned to it, similar to how IP phones at the same location would have.  Depending on your setup the Directory Number may also require CSS, so check IP phone configuration to see if their DNs have CSS applied, if so do the same for the MGCP port DN.

Hi Chris,


Finally it was done test fax was delivered with your guidance. Thank you so very much for help.and God Bless. Have a happy holidays and very Merry Christmas.

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