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VG320 FXS Ports getting stuck in Off-Hook state

Stephen Maurice

We have multiple VG320 gateways with analog phones connected. Users try to pick up an analog phone to make an "overhead page" on the paging system. The user dials a couple digits and the call is routed to a 4300 voice gateway with an FXO port which sends their audio to an external paging system. When the user hangs up the page, I see the phone go back into "on-hook" status on the VG320. However, shortly afterwards, the FXS port goes back into "off-hook" status, even though the user has not touched the phone. When anyone tries to call the phone that is stuck in "off-hook" status, they receive a fast busy signal.


If the person picks up the phone that is stuck in "off-hook" status, they can place a call to a VoIP phone (7811), hang up the call, and then everything works fine after that.


IN SUMMARY: Basically, paging to the FXO port causes the FXS port to hang in an off-hook status, and they are able to clear that status by then calling a VoIP phone. However, sometimes the same symptom happens when an analog-to-analog from FXS-to-FXS call is placed, but it is doesn't seem to happen as often.


We have both SCCP and MGCP gateways, it seems we haven't been able to re-produce the issue on the SCCP gateways yet. 

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This is a super necro thread, but i am also having this problem.  We are using a Grandstream HT814 gateway connected to a cisco switch on our phone VLAN, and then connected to an AVAYA phone system.  Users can pick up the phone, and dial the paging extension that is setup.  The page goes through just fine.  However, after they hang up, sometimes the FXS port goes into "off hook" status, even though it's hung up.  I have updated the firmware on the Grandstream multiple times, but i cannot figure out why it goes/stay in "off hook" status.


Is this a cisco issue?

If I recall correctly, I believe this was resolved by configuring the VG320's to communicate with CUCM via SCCP. It must have been a bug related to the IOS version and MGCP. 

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