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Voice stream of IP Communicator blocked by Symantec Endpoint protection

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I was using Cisco IP Communicator 2.1 without problems.

But when upgrading PC's  to Windows 7, I have also to upgrade Cisco IP Communicator because

there was a error message at startup of IP Communicator and no access to Internal Directory.

The issues were solved by upgrading IP Communicator to 7.0.6 version.

But since I do this, voice stream is blocked sometines in, sometines out, by Symantec Endpoint protection, which

is well configured.

Has anyone an idea ?

Thanks for help

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Jonathan Schulenberg
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Hall of Fame

I'm not sure what you're asking. The answer seems to be to adjust your firewall or HIPS settings to ensure that CIPC is allowed through. This seems like a question for Symantec, not Cisco.

Sure it was a question for Symantec, but I just want to see if someone heard about known issues with Symantec Enpoint protection...

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What version of Symantec Endpoint Protection are you runinng?

Make sure you are running Latest version of Symantec Endpoint Protection on your Windows 7 machine.

The Latest version today available are 11.0.7300 and 12.1.2015.

This may also happen due ports required by the software are not in place.

Once you have these in place the software may function as normal.

Try providing proper port traffic through firewall.

Hope that helps!!