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Windows Server 2003 backup (with Unity 5.x or UCCX 5)


We have Unity 5.x installed on Win Server 2003 installed at our customer, on MCS 7825-I3. Recently, both HDDs faild, and I had to install Windows Server and Unity again, and it took me some time.

I need a solution to backup complete system, not just Unity data. I know that Win Server 2003 has backup tool, but I've never used it. Our customer doesn't make many changes on Unity system, so I don't need regular backups. I need full backup of system, so if it chrashs again, then I can restore it quickly.

Does anyone have idea? Is Win Server 2003 backup tool a solution? Will it backup everything?


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Gajanan Pande
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

For one time full backup of Windows server, any backup tool ( e.g. Veritas etc ) which is used for other Windows Servers in your organization should do. Unity application backup must be done using Cisco tools for usable restore purpose.

Cisco TAC usually recommends not to install any such 3rd party backup tools on Cisco App's server & if found as root cause of the issue, would ask to uninstall the 3rd party backup agents from the server. As you intend to take full backup only once, uninstalling the backup agent ( post successful full backup ) from server would be the best practice


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