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Alternative to iDivert

I would like to replace iDivert with a softkey that simply silences the ringer but allows the caller to hear ringing until the call rolls to voicemail in the same time frame as if the phone were still ringing. With iDivert, the caller is aware that the ringing has stopped short and often calls back immediately. If the phone sounded like it were simply unanswered, then the caller would either try again later or leave a voicemail. Has anyone come across a feature/option like this? Thank you for any input. David

Marco Rojas Abarca
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I regret to inform you that configuring softkeys the way you want is something that is no possible. The softkeys for the IP phones were created with a specific functionality and please note that they involve a lot of programming.

I hope you understand that what you are asking is something that perhaps only the Engineering team may be able to change.

Hope this information helps,

Marco Rojas.

David Hailey

You may take a look at the Do Not Disturb feature.  It would essentially silence the ringer on incoming calls and forward to voicemail (if configured to do so) after a normal Ring/No Answer cycle.  Probably not exactly what you're looking for but worth a look.


David nailed it. Adding DND to the "Ring In" soft key layout functions the same as muting your cell phone when a call comes in-- the caller hears ring, I (calling party) see a ring, but my ringer is silenced.

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