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Attendant Console Standard (Serverless version 10.6)



I have a customer with Attendant Console Standard version 10.6 tied into UCM 10.5. Everything seems to be operational, I just have a question about the directory. I have it setup so that it sync's with CUCM, (and CUCM sync's with Active directory). We noticed only one number for the contact is available to call, even though the directory has other numbers such as "mobile, home, etc.." all populated. When I right click on a contact in the directory and click on "VIEW" i see the numbers yet i can't use these numbers in the console. It doesn't appear that I can add additional columns to the directory so that these additional number appear. So basically what saying it's not obvious to me that I can use these additional numbers It seems as though I must create my own custom Directory group and populate these numbers against the same names.


Anyone else find a better way?




In addition to the issue that

In addition to the issue that Ryan posted - I have learned that adding a custom Directory Group does not in fact allow the attendant to right click on the entries and "VIEW".  View is not an option with the entries listed within a custom Directory Group - whether it was imported contacts (via CSV) or, whether I simply created a contact manually.  In spite of the fact that when adding contacts, all those great fields do appear - giving one the impression that they can be used for some purpose... when they really cannot.

Our CUAC Standard is v10.6.0.1872

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