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batch provisioning - Configuring Multiple Service Area and User Role Assignment

Is there a way to configure multiple service areas and user role assignment in PCP?

Can the ChangeServiceTemplate batch file be used to change this information only? The format from this template is "ServiceArea1:UserRole1:Yes;ServiceArea2:UserRole2:No" however i am unsure if all additional fields need to be provided with this template.

The service template and user roles already exist however i only need to configure multiple service area and user role assignment.




I don't think there is a way to create multiple in batch, at least I never noticed it when I was looking for the same thing.  Hope it helps.

thanks for the response mike

Anthony Gerbic
Cisco Employee

I assume you are talking about syndication (association between service areas and user roles) in the service templates. If you are doing a few changes the UI is ok. If you are changing a few more then creating a short batch might be the way to go. 

I don't think all the info needs to be present as you are only changing the syndication and not the other settings. I believe you have to specify ALL the syndications since change does not add or subtract from the list but rather does a complete replacement of what you currently have for the ones specified.  I would suggest you do a batch test on just one service template to be sure. I would suggest you follow the batch help and examples, to make sure you include the mandatory fields plus the service area/user role column containing all the new syndications you are looking for.

If you are doing dozens or hundreds of service templates it may be better to export the service templates using the export script, make changes to the target ones and batching the changed ones back in. The export script allows an export of service templates templates in one shot. The template export script is in the scripts directory specified in the admin guide.  TAC should be able to assist as well.

#         Copyright (c) 2015 Cisco Systems, Inc.
#         All rights reserved.

source /opt/
$DEV_DIR/build/bin/ $1 "$2" $3 "$4" $5 "$6" $7 "$8"


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