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Cisco Unity Connection Cluster Problem


I have a problem with the CUC cluster. Before the problem occurred, the cluster consisted of two servers.

CUCN-01 Publisher

CUCN-02 Subscriber

Currently, both servers have PRIMARY status, which means that both servers can not get into the cluster.

In the attachment I am sending a screenshot of Cluster management from servers

Is it possible to change the server status? Is the only option to re-install CUCN-02?


Maren Mahoney

I think you may have missed some steps when installing the subscriber. If CUCN-01 is the publisher, it would need to list (you will need to have added) the CUCN-02 to the server list prior to installing CUCN-02. This is just like in CUCM where before you install the subscriber you need to tell the CUCM publisher that a subscriber is coming by adding it to the server list in the publisher. I don't see CUCM-02 in the server list on CUCM-01, so I assume that you didn't do this.

This means that when you installed CUCN-02, you installed it as a publisher.

So, yes, you will need to reinstall CUCN-02. Here is a link to installing a Unity Connection Cluster, and the link is to installing the subscriber. Look at the section just above the Installing the Subscriber Server part, which is the very last step in installing the Publisher:

Installing the Subscriber Server





Configuring Subscriber Server on the Publisher Server


Step 1

Sign in to Cisco Unity Connection Administration.

Step 2

Expand System Settings and select Cluster.

Step 3

On the Find and List Servers page, select Add New.

Step 4

On the New Server Configuration page, in the Hostname or IP Address field, enter the hostname or IP address of the second server in the cluster.

Step 5

(Optional) In the MAC Address field, enter the MAC address of the second server.

Step 6

In the Description field, enter a description for the second server and select Save.

Thank you for your response
The CUCN-02 machine operated in a cluster, where it played the role of a subscriber.
It was not installed from scratch, it nevertheless broke out of the cluster and also played the role of a publisher (primary).

In order to avoid installing the CUCN-02 machine from scratch, can I take any action that will restore CUCN-02 as a Subscriber?

If I understand you correctly, the CUCN-02 used to be part of a different cluster and now you want it to be in a cluster with CUCN-01. Is that right? If so, no, that will not work. You must reinstall CUCN-02 to make it part of a cluster with CUCN-01.

If I do not understand the scenario you are talking about, can you please explain further.


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